While completing her studies in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics at the University of California, Davis, Antoinette also interned at the University of Lund, Sweden's, Nutrition Department, assisting in what was at that time defining research on the role of dietary fiber on the progression of colon cancer.

This experience changed her outlook on Nutrition. Antoinette then went on to become self educated in the field of what is now called Biofunctional Medicine.

She has studied with Brian Blackburn and Jeffrey Bland since the idea of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplementation came on the scene in the early 1990's. Antoinette's primary focus is helping patients regulate their digestion so that every other organ system can function properly as an outcome of good digestion and a healthy diet.

She combines her diagnostic skills as an energy medicine practitioner with her understanding of the biochemistry of digestion to treat disorders in a downstream approach, treating the cause and not the symptoms.

She works in conjunction with other Nutritionists, Consultants, and Physicians to help gain even more clarity about the cause of disorders.